The Foundation is in the process of soliciting funding to launch a new program.  1 Ace 1 is teaming with several foster agencies in the DC Metro area to introduce underprivileged foster kids to tennis.  Single parents with high performance tennis student athletes are also a primary goal as the founder grew up in this situation. Single parents and Foster parents have an almost impossible job as tournament travel and expenses are out of reach for these families. Homeschool is a reality for some parents because of the lack of quality public schools in the DC Metro areas. Therefore it turns families with two parents into single income families because one parent usually homeshools the kids.


We currently have relationships with Boystown and The Home and Community Foundation and will expand to at least five more agencies by 2018.   Our goal is to introduce 1000 new kids to tennis with help of the USTA QuickStart Net Gen program for kids 15 years old and younger. The modified QuickStart courts can be set up in any local park, school playground, or nearby tennis courts, and we will provide the rackets and balls for all participants.  Students currently in the program will be big brother or big sister mentors to those selected to be part of the Ace Team.

One of the best players in our foundation, a top junior in the Mid-Atlantic and top 100 in the nation, has been in the foster care system since he was 12 years old. and last year received a full tennis schoarship to Georgia.  His tremendous success on and off the court despite his circumstances, is one of the major reasons our foundation is expanding into coaching and mentoring juniors both in and out of the foster system.  

The Homeschool program started in April and has been a great success with participation with about 50 full and partime players that are impovinging at an accelerated rate.

I am a testiment that a single parent has an unbelievable task of raising a high performing student athlete in tennis. If not for support from the Richmond Tennis Patrons Foundation and my uncles there is no way that I could have reached my goals of a full College Tennis Scholarship and ATP World Ranking that allowed me to experience world travel to over 30 countries. OWNER AND FOUNDER Rozzell Lightfoot


Our mentors are comprised of a group of young adults who have graduated from one of three non-profit organizations: WTF, JTCC and ACE on which the current One Ace One Foundation is based.  Our goal has always been to promote tennis along with strong academics, and a number of our students have benefited from receiving tennis and academic scholarships to private high schools and universities.  We repeatedly observe through the growth of our students that the discipline necessary to excel in tennis also translates to excellence in academics and later the ability to thrive in the real world.

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